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Excel Math Blog

Monday, May 20, 2013

Bridging the Gap to Common Core Math


How will you bridge the gap between your current math curriculum and the Common Core Standards? Excel Math can increase the rigor and mathematical practices of your math lessons without breaking your budget!

The Excel Math Common Core Teacher Editions walk you through the new vocabulary and Common Core standards (CCS) while giving you the tools you need to help students make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. New math activities for kindergarten through sixth grade encourage critical thinking skills. Discussion suggestions and open-ended questions let you lead your students to construct viable arguments, think critically, explain their reasoning, and respond to their classmates' thinking. You become the facilitator for class discussions, helping your students discover alternate problem-solving methods.

Excel Math has been proven to get results when used as a supplement or in a core position. Read more and download a Scientifically Based Research Report showing how Excel Math increases student test scores across all grade levels.



Click the cover for the Grade 3 sample

Download a sample of our Grade 3 Common Core Teacher Edition to get a sneak preview of the first ten lessons for third grade.

At AnsMar Publishers, we are committed to helping our  customers make a smooth transition to CCS with Excel Math. You can view Excel Math Common Core correlations for Kindergarten through Grade 6 here:

We are in the very early stages of creating our new Excel Math Common Core Teacher Editions. When each one is released, we will have an announcement on our website. Our goal is to have as many grades ready by fall 2013 as possible (focusing on grades 2-5 first, and then grades K-1 and 6). Our student lesson sheets are updated and are now shipping.

If you would like us to send you email updates as each grade level becomes available, just leave your email address in the comment box below. If you have specific grade levels of interest, let us know that, too. 

Or, if you're looking for lessons that correlate with the TEKS and are STAAR ready, visit our Texas Connection web page:

In the meantime, you can find updates plus additional downloads on our website (manipulatives, Mental Math, placement tests in English and Spanish, Projectable Slides and lots more):

New to Excel Math? Visit our sample pages to learn more and and see our proven math worksheets.

Excel Math gives you the tools you need to help build confident, successful math students. Placement Tests are even available in English and in Spanish. (See our order form here.)

More than just worksheets, Excel Math lessons include hands-on visuals and manipulatives, stretches (brainteasers), cooperative learning activities, interactive opportunities (including Projectable Lessons) and a new Common Core Edition coming for fall. Our tried and true "original" Excel Math lessons (updated for 2013) will still be available for Texas and other non-Common Core states. You also receive easy-to-teach lessons (to use as a supplement or in a core position), guided practice, basic Fact Practice, Homework, and regular assessments. Walk through a lesson on our website:


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