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Excel Math Blog

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Math Bulletin Boards: Gifts of the Season

Now that December is here, spruce up your classroom and give your students a chance to practice their basic math facts on a daily basis.

Collect small gift boxes and bags of all shapes and colors.

Print a number on each box or bag (each number will be an answer to one or more of the problems on the gift tags).

Staple the gift boxes and bags to your bulletin board. Allow the lids to be opened (wrap the lid separately from the box) or cut a slit in the boxes. Leave the bags open.

Download the Gift Tag Patterns plus the bulletin board instructions here.


December Bulletin Board

 gift bags

Give each student a Math Gift Tags page.

Add some basic fact practice problems of your choice to several of the gift tags.

For younger students, the problems might be simple addition or subtraction equations.

Middle elementary students might have problems involving multiplication (such as those on some of the tags).

Remove the multiplication problems if your students need to practice different operations.

Have the students cut apart the tags and print the correct answer on the back of each tag.

Have them sign their names on each tag and then place the tag in the box or bag with
the correct answer.


Encourage students to solve as many problems as they can.

This can be an extra credit activity or just a fun way to review math facts.

Add a few new math problems to some of the blank gift tags each day.

Review the correct answers with the students before adding new problems to the board.

You can also let your students punch a hole in the top of each tag and add ribbon or yarn hangers (use yarn with glitter).

Then hang the gift tags from your ceiling, windows, or doorway to give your room a festive atmosphere as the holidays approach.

The final week of school, give each student his gift tags to use as package decorations, greeting cards or tree ornaments over the holidays.

How do you incorporate the holidays and math practice into your daily classroom routine?

Leave a comment in the box below to let us know.

Math Gift tags

Math Gift Tags

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