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Excel Math Blog

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Math

Base Ten Shamrock Cards

Base Ten Shamrock Cards
Click here to download

We've created some new Base Ten Cards in celebration of St. Patrick's Day.

Use these Ten Frames to help your students decompose numbers, identify fact families, and practice addition and subtraction.

Visit our Manipulatives web page to download a page of shamrock patterns.

Your students can cut out the shamrock patterns and use them as counters with the Base Ten Cards. Combine several Base Ten Cards to let your students solve problems with larger numbers.

Give each student 30 shamrock counters and two blank Ten Frames (or let the students work in pairs). Write on the board:

23 + 5 =

Let the students know it will always be easiest to find the larger number first.

Using Ten Frames a student might solve the problem by saying:

“I counted out 23 shamrocks. I put 20 shamrocks on 2 ten frames. That meant I had 3 left over. Then I counted out 5 more shamrocks. Now I have 8 left over. That meant I now had 2 ten frames with 8 left over. 2 tens and 8 left over. That’s 28. So the answer is 28.”

Excel Math provides lots of opportunities for hands-on learning.

If your students are getting into March Madness, use Base Ten Basketball Cards to help them practice addition and subtraction.

Visit our Manipulatives web page to download a page of basketball patterns.

Your students can cut out the basketball patterns and use them as counters with these Base Ten Cards.

Give each student 20 counters and one Base Ten Card. Write on the board:

1 + ___ = 10

Let the students add basketballs to the Ten Frame card. Some students may see at a glance that there are 9 blank spaces on the card. Others will need to count out the basketballs to find the answer.

Using Ten Frames a student might solve the problem by saying:

“I have one basketball on my ten frame. That means I need to add nine more to make 10. So the answer is 9: 1 + 9 = 10.”

Base Ten Basketball Cards

Base Ten Basketball Cards
Click here to download

These lessons help students develop a growth mindset as they learn math with our unique CheckAnswer system—a natural feedback loop.

Here's what one mom called to tell us:

"My daughter struggled with grasping math concepts until she started with Excel Math in her new school. It just "clicked" with her and she now maintains a 99% average overall in math! Before using Excel Math, she wouldn't have cared whether she had her homework done or not. Now she completes her math homework first because the instant feedback of the 'CheckAnswers' allows her to locate and fix any mistakes on her own. She no longer has to wait for the teacher to grade her work to find out if she 'gets it'. Excel Math offers her a level of control that is often missing in other math curricula."

— A Grateful Mom in Belleville, PA

Excel Math has been effectively used in GATE classes as well as for remedial programs (both as a supplement and in a core position) for years.

Excel Math lessons give teachers the resources they need to help every child succeed and achieve (at high levels) in elementary mathematics.

Summer Common Core Teacher Edition

Excel Math Common Core Teacher Edition
Click here for sample lessons

Take a look at our new Excel Math lessons with our unique spiralling process.

Students are not expected to master concepts after just one or two lessons.

This unique system builds confidence and promotes an "I can" attitude of learning among students.

Here's what one teacher shared with us:

"The [Excel Math] lessons are so well written, there are some groups of students that don't get any problems wrong. 

These students race ahead at unbelievable speed learning and scoring in ways other classrooms would say is impossible. 

This year, like most years I have used your system, I have an advanced group of students who have finished the entire sixth grade curriculum in the first semester with very few errors.

Some of them were never recognized as 'gifted' before."

— Public School Teacher on the West Coast

New to Excel Math?

Learn more by visiting our website: or give us a call at 1-866-866-7026.

When you call between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday (West Coast time), a helpful person will answer the phone (never a machine).

Let us know about your favorite Common Core learning tools.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Excel Math Team!

Excel math worksheet

Excel Math Student Lesson Sheet with CheckAnswers

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Try the Excel Math Summer School/Intersession 6-week program.

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