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Excel Math Blog

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Math Placement Tests: Off to a Great Start

For over 35 years Excel Math has been helping students in Kindergarten through Grade 6 build solid math skills.

Excel Math Placement Test

Placement Test - Click to View

Did you know?

Excel Math provides grade level evaluation tools to help you determine where each student should begin with the program.

These easy-to-use placement tests can be combined with basic fact skills tests to assess your students' readiness for math.

Print the placement tests by clicking the image on the left. Use the tests to determine where a student should start in the Excel Math program.

Click the green Order button or download the Order Form when you are ready to order Excel Math Lessons.

Each Placement Test file contains six tests that evaluate a student's preparedness for Excel Math. The tests are labeled A - F, which correspond to first - sixth grade. Instructions for using the tests are included.

Typically the first six weeks of a grade in Excel Math will review content presented during the first two-thirds of the prior year.

If students have trouble with the evaluation test for a particular grade, it shows they have only a partial grasp of the previous year’s work.

It may be difficult for them to work through one lesson per day.

After the first six weeks, the Lesson Sheets will introduce new concepts and concepts from the end of the prior year.

Therefore, progress will be slower than the first six weeks.

The evaluation tests are cumulative. Sometimes concepts are not tested because the students have already shown mastery on the test for the prior year.

We suggest you give students one or more tests depending on your knowledge of their ability level.

Back to School

Class of students

We also recommend you administer basic fact timed tests as a part of the readiness assessment.

There are more factors involved in measuring a student’s grade level readiness than how they score on these tests.

However as a general rule, as the student progresses through the tests, the last placement test that the student completed successfully indicates their current grade level readiness.

The test questions review the prior year's work.

Successful completion of the each test shows readiness for that grade level.

Click the image above to view and print out a PDF copy of the Placement Test in English or Spanish.

Please contact us for the answer keys.

When you're ready to order your Excel Math Teacher editions and Student Lesson Sheets, print out the Order Form on the right or give us a call at 1-866-866-7026.

Take a look at sample lessons and at the various Teacher Editions available here:

When you call between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. a helpful person will l always answer the phone (never a machine).

Do you have some insights or questions about the Excel Math Placement Tests? Leave a comment below.

Excel Math Order Form

Excel Math Order Form

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