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Excel Math Blog

Thursday, November 7, 2013

From Stress to Success with Excel Math

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Mastering mathematics at the elementary school level can be stressful for many students (not to mention parents and teachers).

Excel Math helps remove the stress by giving students incremental math concepts that spiral through the Student Lesson Sheets (through spaced repetition) and are reinforced and mastered with Guided Practice, homework and regular assessments.

Excel Math students remember concepts because they practice them regularly.

They learn to master basic skills and then use those skills in more complex ways as they move those concepts into long-term memory.

Students get excited because they finally achieve success in mathematics!

Not every student will become a mathematician or math professor, but everyone can learn to view math as something practical that is used in "real life."

Hands-on activities and real-world math problems help tie math to everyday experiences such as cooking, carpentry, music, sports, animal life, astronomy, shopping, telling time, recreation—just about any subject of interest to your students.

It's no surprise that many graduates of Excel Math leave elementary school feeling math is their favorite subject!


excel math lesson worksheets

Excel Math Student Lesson Sheets

students working

Because the mix of math problems and gradual spiraling help everyone to continue at their own pace and give each student the chance to be successful, students do not need to be divided into groups by ability level. However, Excel Math is completely flexible.

Excel Math lessons also work well in a blended learning environment.

You can use technology along with the lessons and Student Lesson Sheets.

Check out our Projectable Lessons on CD for each grade level.

If your class includes students at a third grade level as well as students doing fourth grade math, you can present the lesson along with hands-on activities with each level as a separate group and then let the students do the Guided Practice independently as you teach the other group.

You can then work individually with students who have questions. Some teachers use Excel Math in a flipped classroom.

Watch teacher-created lesson videos for Excel Math Grades 4 and 5 on our website:

Schools across the nation using Excel Math consistently report improved test scores. And students actually look forward to math class.

Excel Math even provides teachers with free Placement Tests to help determine which grade level is best for each student.

Regular assessments are accompanied by detailed test tables in the Teacher Edition. You can see at a glance which test question covers each concept and in which lesson that concept was first taught.

The Teacher Edition also includes a Score Distribution and Error Analysis Chart to record how many students missed a particular question.

If a number of students miss certain problems, those concepts can be retaught or reviewed before moving on to the next lesson.

The Distribution Chart is also an easy way to show parents how their child did in comparison to the rest of the class—without revealing the identity of the students who scored higher or lower than their child.

Do you need some proven math resources to help your students get ready for spring testing? Try the Excel Math Summer School/Intersession 6-week program. Take a look at samples on our website or give us a call to find out more. The cost is just $6.25 per student for the entire 30 lessons.

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New to Excel Math? Preview elementary math lessons that really work for Kindergarten through Sixth Grade on our website: Also find math resources for teachers, parents and students and walk through the curriculum at

Download sample lessons from our new Common Core Teacher Editions at

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Feel free to leave a comment in the box below. We love hearing from teachers, administrators and parents from around the country.

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