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Excel Math Blog

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Excel Math—Bringing Success to Title I Schools

San Diego Harbor Aerial View

San Diego Harbor
(photo courtesy of the San Diego Convention & Visitors' Bureau)

The first weekend in February, administrators and educators from around the country will gather here in sunny San Diego, California for the National Title I Conference. 

Excel Math will be here, too.

Be sure to stop by Booth #417 (at the San Diego Convention Center) and say hello to Bob and Brad.

Warm up in San Diego at the National Title I Conference!

Title I is the nation’s largest federally funded pre-college education program.

It provides more than $19 billion to the nation’s school districts to supplement the education of disadvantaged children. 

Title I funds pay for curriculum materials, professional development services, resources to increase family involvement and many other educational purchases.

Excel Math offers low-cost professional development for math educators.

Read more about Excel Math Professional Development here: cost effective, targeted, professional and informative.

Excel Math has been effectively used in Title I programs (both as a supplement and in a core position) for years.

Excel Math lessons give teachers the resources they need to help every child succeed and achieve (at high levels) in elementary mathematics.

Here's what one teacher wrote to tell us:

"My sixth graders showed an average of 41% one year growth in test scores using the Excel Math program.

Our results were so phenomenal that groups of educators would come to observe and film us.

For me the key difference your program offers is the consumable worksheets with CheckAnswers.

Students are immediately forced to confront their thinking and errors.

My students typically grow in their ability to persevere as a result of this rigor.

For most students this process results in them eventually turning in all of their problems correct with a few questions which can quickly be addressed afterward in what is an ideal teachable moment."

— Teacher on the West Coast

Sunset over the ocean

Sunset over the ocean

Excel Math Exhibit

Excel Math Booth in the Exhibit Hall

Visit Excel Math at the Convention Center in San Diego, California for the National Title I Conference beginning February 2.

Stop by Booth #417 and talk to Bob or Brad. And while you're taking a look at the new math lessons . . . try some chocolate!

Be sure to ask for your free gift along with a Sample Excel Math Packet (for Kindergarten through Grade 6).

Excel Math is ideal for Title I schools, as this teacher continued:

"My students are relatively poor, and most don't have computers or internet access at home.

Your lessons are so well written, there are some groups of students that don't get any problem wrong. These students race ahead at unbelievable speed learning and scoring in ways other classrooms would say is impossible. Some of them were never recognized as "gifted" before.

With Excel Math, any student that wishes and has the ability regardless of the school or classroom can achieve the highest most advanced scores." 


Sounds good, but what about students who need remediation?

"I can offer true intervention for below grade level students. My lowest scoring classes typically have a few students who need to start with the fourth grade Excel Math lessons, and they grow and progress from there. The important thing is that they grow.

All of my students have work they can do, and this accessibility greatly reduces behavior problems. Your lessons provide the skills they need to engage the Smarter Balanced problems.

You have given me the weapon I need to slay the monsters of ignorance and inequality. My students race forward from my classes armed with the skills your programs gave them. They become the best students in our school. Some of my earliest students have become doctors today, and they have come back to thank me."

The bottom line:
"You have a valuable system in Excel Math that can be used to bring freedom and opportunity to thousands of inner-city students who would otherwise go unrecognized and under served."

Excel Math Books and Chocolate

Excel Math Books and chocolate — a winning combination

Excel Math Lesson Sheet

Excel Math Student Lesson Sheet

New to Excel Math? Learn more by visiting our website: or give us a call at 1-866-866-7026.

When you call between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday (West Coast time), a helpful person will answer the phone (never a machine).

Here's what one excited mom wrote to tell us:

"My daughter struggled with grasping math concepts until she started with Excel Math in her new school. It just "clicked" with her and she now maintains a 99% average overall in math!

Now she completes her math homework first because the instant feedback of the 'CheckAnswers' allows her to locate and fix any mistakes on her own.

She no longer has to wait for the teacher to grade her work to find out if she 'gets it'. Excel Math offers her a level of control that is often missing in other math curricula."

– A Grateful Mom in Belleville, PA

These links from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics provide additional Title I resources for teachers, administrators, parents, and caregivers:

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have other Title I links and resources we should include in future posts.

children doing homework

Title I Conference 2014

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Excel math worksheet

Excel Math Student Lesson Sheet with CheckAnswers

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