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Excel Math is a proven mathematics curriculum for Kindergarten through Sixth grade students. Used in classrooms for more than 35 years, Excel Math curriculum carefully presents math in a spiraling fashion. Students learn and review different concepts throughout the year while developing a solid foundation of math skills.

Excel Math works in the real world. It was developed by reviewing math curricula, observing classroom teachers, collecting suggestions from teachers, and considering requirements from all states. The program was conceived and developed by one author, preventing fragmentation seen in other products. It enhances existing skills, and gives students distributed practice and spaced repetition of each concept. Excel Math students develop a strong foundation in math!

Primary Objectives of Excel Math

  • Develop Higher-Order Thinking Skills: The students work with a variety of concepts each day. They tackle a variety of word problems. They learn to evaluate and solve problems, rather than perform algorithms by rote.
  • Build Proficiency: Excel Math introduces new concepts while reviewing previously-taught concepts. It gives students opportunity to master the old, while being challenged with the new.

  • Produce Confidence: Students receive immediate feedback on their progress through Excel Math’s unique CheckAnswer system.

Benefits of Excel Math

  • Integrates Lessons: Excel Math smoothly moves from one lesson to the next, gradually building on existing layers. This approach helps students see that math concepts are related and progressive.

  • Balances New and Review: Each Lesson Sheet is made up of a variety of problems that incorporate review as well as introduction of new skills. Students are continuously challenged with new material, yet given the chance to continue mastering previous concepts.

    Excel Math lessons are much more than just worksheets. Using strategically placed spaced repetition, Excel Math gives you a proven approach to teach math concepts for long-term retention. Excel Math gives you powerful features and advantages, including our unique Spiraling Strategy:


  • Enhances Student / Teacher Interaction: There is more time to do math because no time is spent copying from a book. This gives the teacher time to interact with and assist students who are doing Guided Practice.
  • Encourages Self-correction: Grades 2-6 use our CheckAnswer system that allows students to check their own work. They add the answers for a set of problems (A-C) and compare that sum with the CheckAnswer (D). If there's a mismatch, students know at least one answer is incorrect, and can re-check their own work. This is the best kind of feedback.

  • CheckAnswer

  • Provides Regular Assessment: Homework is available on 4 out of 5 lessons (grades 2-6). Students are frequently assessed on how they are doing.

  • Reduces Ability Grouping: Excel Math's gradual spiraling mix of concepts means students do not need to be divided into groups by ability levels. This makes record keeping easier and reduces issues associated with grouping based on ability and/or achievement levels.

  • Requires Minimal In-Service: All materials (lessons, homework, tests, manipulative suggestions, glossary) are provided. Lesson plans are simple, non-scripted and give the teacher several ways to present the material. View Samples of Excel Math.

  • Improves Test Scores: Schools across the country report consistently improved test scores when they use Excel Math.

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