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Happy 40th Anniversary, Excel Math!

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The history of AnsMar Publishers, home of Excel Math

Janice Raymond retires from a successful career in Real Estate and volunteers at her local elementary school. She learns that many children dislike their math classes. She begins to develop CheckAnswer Math, using the prototypes in fifth grade classrooms in Coronado, CA.
1978 The company name changes to Coronado Math. Worksheets are produced on a typewriter with handwritten answers.
1979 Janice works in Coronado schools and refines Excel Math through research at San Diego State University, classroom testing, and teacher conferences in California and Texas.
Imperial Beach, California and Clint, Texas begin to use Excel Math.
Coronado Math becomes AnsMar Publishers, Incorporated, to honor Janice’s parents Anson and Marian. Janice buys a table-top press to print more Lesson Sheets.

Excel Math adds Basic Fact Tapes to its product line, creates a video to help teachers learn its concepts, and moves to rented space in a mini-storage.

1987 Janice reworks the curriculum and adds a Spanish translation.
1990 Excel Math moves to National City, CA. Janice continues to write the curriculum, print it, and deliver it in rented trucks.
Excel Math product line is so popular that Janice has to get an outside printer to take over printing, collating and packaging the Lesson Sheets.
Brad Baker joins Janice as co-owner of AnsMar so Janice can concentrate on writing curriculum.

Excel Math moves to Poway, CA in October 2002. A new Third Grade is released, with expanded opportunities for creativity, literacy and problem-solving.

2003 A revised First Grade curriculum is published with new graphics and expanded Teacher Edition.

New editions of Second and Fourth grades appear, with a new Glossary in English and Spanish. We ship 40,000 boxes of curriculum - a million pounds! - in 2004.


All-new editions of the Fifth and Sixth grades are released. All grades are now available in a Summer School edition.

2006 First grade is updated; most story problems are rewritten for clarity. Test tables in all Teacher Editions correlate each test problem to the lesson where the concept was introduced.
2007 All grades 1-6 Teacher Editions receive minor revisions for consistency, adding new coins, enhancing lesson plans and improving graphics.
2009 A Kindergarten curriculum is introduced. Excel Math Projectable is launched for Grades 1-6 — an electronic product for projecting lesson content onto screens or interactive boards.
2010 AnsMar opens an online store, enabling customers to purchase Excel Math curriculum at any time of the day or night.
2012 Janice Raymond is awarded her Ph.D. A Kindergarten Excel Math Projectable is introduced.
2013 Common Core Teacher Editions are introduced for Grades 1-5. Quarterly Test tables in all Common Core Teacher Editions correlate each test problem to Common Core State Standards.

Common Core Teacher Editions are created for Kindergarten and Grade 6. Common Core Summer Teacher Editions are launched for Summer School/Intersession programs.

Texas Teacher Editions are introduced for Grades K-5. Quarterly test tables in all Texas Teacher Editions correlate each test problem to Texas State Standards.


New Texas Teacher Editions are introduced for Grade 6.

New Texas Summer Teacher Editions are launched for Summer School/Intersession programs.