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President's Message

Excel Math Has Retired!

Dear Educator,

We appreciate you! Whether you are an administrator, teacher, parent or student, we're in this together. Thanks for partnering with us to build successful math students.

Our author, Janice Raymond, Ph.D. began Excel Math with a simple idea:
create something excellent and continually improve it.

Because of you, Excel Math was continually improving for 43 years! Educators such as you made us better and as a result, we provide you with lessons that work! This is the power of partnership in education—great materials in the hands of talented educators dedicated to the success of their students.

Hundreds of thousands of educators have used Excel Math since 1975 and have seen outstanding results.

So it is with mixed feelings, we announce my retirement effective January, 2018. The Excel Math brand has been retired as well. Final orders are now being printed. We no longer have phone service, but you can email us at

As our team developed these Excel Math products through investigation, study, field testing and enhancement, we discovered that we had created something powerful. Without bragging, Excel Math is really good!

All of us would like to thank those educators, parents and students around the world who have used Excel Math and have shared their success with others. It will be difficult to leave.

The Excel Math store is closed. We have no materials left in stock. Please mail your final payment to us:

AnsMar Publishers, Inc.
PO Box 85
Poway, CA 92074

Thanks for 43 wonderful years!


Brad Baker
AnsMar Publishers, Inc.

All sales are final. No returns will be accepted.