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Happy 40th Anniversary, Excel Math!

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Success Stories and Test Results from educators and parents using Excel Math:

San Diego, CA
"My children have been using Excel Math Standard Edition at home for the last two years to supplement the math curriculum they have at school (which isn't very effective). This year they took the Common Core Math pretest for the first time. We had been warned that our children would probably not score very well on these tests. However, my fourth grader scored 83% and my third grader (who is not a math genius) scored 98%! When people asked me if he was a math whiz, I had to tell them, "Not at all. It was the Excel Math Lesson Sheets!"

Wendy Ullrich, Parent in San Diego, CA

Houston, TX and Tulsa, OK
“I’ve used Excel Math for many years . . . and loved it!  In Laredo, Texas, I started using Excel Math in 1989 through 2004 with excellent test results. Each year produced 95% to 100% of the students passing their Texas State Tests. This also includes the two years I taught in Houston. I’m currently in Oklahoma, and will again use Excel Math with my 4th graders. I was nominated and won Teacher of the Year for my school campus, Hoover Elementary. I completely believe this happened because of the EXCELlent Math program you provide!!! I’ve used Excel Math for many years . . . and love it! I’m VERY excited to use this program again, and can’t wait to compare the scores from last school year to this. Thank you so very much!!"

Susan Vilar, 4th Grade Teacher, Hoover Elementary School, Tulsa, OK

San Bernardino, CA
"I love Excel Math and credit my success in raising my math scores to it. Third grade at my school was up 15% because of it on the CAASPP last year! Count on me ordering Excel Math again for next year."

Dr. Susan Barkdoll, 3rd Grade Teacher, North Verdemont Elementary School, San Bernardino, CA
Finalist in the 2016 Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching

Harrisville, WV
"I love Excel Math! Some of my slower students were so excited about the CheckAnswer component. I was surprised and pleased by their response. I could see their confidence improving right away!"

Jennifer Price, 4th Grade Teacher

Mekoryuk, AK

"Five years ago we opted out of the district selected math curriculum and got permission to use EXCEL Math instead. In Fiscal Year 2017, 81% of Nuniwarmiut School Students in grades 3-10 met their Growth Targets as Measured by MAP. " This placed us first in the district among all 29 schools . (The next highest in the district was 67%.)

In terms of Math Proficiency for Fiscal Year 2017, 36% of our grade 3-10 students were proficient in Math as measured by MAP. This placed us 5th in the district out of 23 K-12 schools. Any way you look at it, EXCEL Math makes a difference!

I used EXCEL years ago and found it to be just what we needed in small multi-grade bush Alaska still is just what we need! Thanks for making a difference in our school!"

Walter Betz, Site Administrator, Nuniwarmiut School, Lower Kuskokwim School District, Alaska

Belleville, PA
"My daughter struggled with grasping math concepts until she started with Excel Math in her new school. It just "clicked" with her and she now maintains a 99% average overall in math! Before using Excel Math, she wouldn't have cared whether she had her homework done or not. Now she completes her math homework first because the instant feedback of the 'CheckAnswers' allows her to locate and fix any mistakes on her own. She no longer has to wait for the teacher to grade her work to find out if she 'gets it'. Excel Math offers her a level of control that is often missing in other math curricula."

A Grateful Mom in Belleville, PA

San Juan, CA
“I cannot express how impressed I am with your program. Our STAR results are outstanding and I am convinced without EXCEL we would be struggling to meet our goals. The spiraling piece that is built in…is what makes this so effective. If I ever move schools and my district does not provide this program, I would purchase it with my own money. Thank you for a wonderful program.”

Anna Russell, Teacher

Browning, TX
"I absolutely love your products! I service a self-contained special education classroom and have students who are performing on various grade levels. Excel Math helps me to manage my time because there are so many skills offered plus repeated practice on one worksheet. It's a great worksample to quickly identify the students' areas of weakness. And yes, each time I have placed an order, the person was quite friendly. Thank you for your product, service, and expertise."

Gloria Britt, Special Education Teacher, Browning Elementary School

Meridian School District, ID

"I have used Excel Math for four of the five years that I have taught. Two of these years were in the Clark County School District about ten years ago, where I taught a 4th/5th grade combination class with over 30 students each year. Excel Math allowed me to effectively teach math at two grade levels...without it I don't know how I would have hit all standards and provided the review and practice the students required to succeed. I recently had the opportunity to visit with twin sisters who were in my class during this time, and their mother shared with me that "those long math sheets" really prepared her girls for math throughout the rest of their schooling. Both girls are in college now, are strong math students, and both reported that they started liking math when they were in my class!

Since returning to teaching, I have taught 3rd and 5th grade in the Meridian School District in Idaho. I chose Excel Math again because I had experience with it and knew how well it covered the curriculum, introduced new concepts, and provided spiral review. While teaching 3rd grade, 22 out of my 23 students received a score of "advanced" on the ISAT, and ALL students demonstrated significant growth on their MAP math scores. I had similar results with my 5th graders, with all students showing impressive growth. Furthermore, and more important in my eyes, my students report LIKING math and liking learning through Excel Math.

Excel Math provides a solid framework, allowing the teacher to put their own flavor and flare into each lesson or concept.

I love Excel has helped me become a stronger math teacher, and I KNOW it has increased my students' confidence in math (and their test scores!)."

Anne Evans, Teacher

Bermuda Dunes, CA
"I wish the whole state/country would use Excel math! I think it is the best possible program."

Christine Preston, 3rd and 4th Grade Teacher, California

Utopia, TX
“I just had to call you! We used your curriculum for the last two years and our scores were phenomenal. Would you believe, this year both 4th and 5th grade got 100%! The parents love it because it’s consistent. It’s just an awesome program and very teacher-friendly. 7 out of 15 students were commended in my class! So, hip…hip… hooray!"

Marilyn, 4th Grade Teacher, Utopia Elementary

Robbinsville, NC
“We wanted to let you know that Robbinsville Elementary school was awarded the title School of Distinction during the 2011-2012 school year. We were recognized, in large part, as a result of high math scores—96 percent of 4th graders passed the state end of grade exam! Thanks to Excel Math for helping our students succeed in math."

Shane Laughter, Principal, Robbinsville Elementary School

Denver, CO
“I LOVE IT! What’s most important - THE STUDENTS LOVE IT! Some of the students’ comments include: ‘I like how I don’t need to wait to see if I got the right answer’, ‘I really love Math now’, ‘Can we do this every day?’, ‘This is fun!’ Thanks for helping me out.”

Mrs. Tanya Streicher, Teacher, Good Shepherd Catholic School

Aptos, CA
“We are using your Excel Math in our primary grades. We love it! By using it across grade levels, it allows us to differentiate by grouping out students according to their ability, not just their grade. It also allows us to keep the higher students challenged, and grade level students right on track while allowing plenty of review for the lower students. Excel Math is an excellent program for any school.”

Risa Schwartsz, 2nd Grade Teacher, MarVista School

Washington, IL
“We are thrilled with Excel Math! We even have parents ordering the summer school edition to keep the math concepts fresh in their students' minds over the summer break.”

St. Patrick Catholic School, Diocese of Peoria

Winters, CA
“We like Excel because the concepts spiral and increase in difficulty throughout the year. New concepts are introduced every few days in First Grade, instead of daily. We also use _____ program and, while the children like the colorful pictures, it is a very difficult program to use in the classroom, because there is no chance for practice and each page is a new concept taught in isolation. Overall, I’m very happy with Excel and the pacing of the lessons!”

Angie Velasquez, First Grade Dual Immersion Teacher

Our Professional Development & Inservice Training

Robbinsville, NC
“We recently requested training for all staff at Robbinsville Elementary School on best teaching practices and procedures for Excel Math in grades K-6. Although we are located in North Carolina, AnsMar Publishers provided this staff development/training at a very reasonable price and provided an excellent instructor, Mr. Bob Parrish to present this training.

Robbinsville Elementary School has used Excel math in previous years with great results (4th grade 96% of students passing state tests) at some grade levels, but this year we adopted Excel Math school wide (K-6). To ensure effective math instruction and consistency across grade levels we requested a one day training that involved a school wide presentation and breakout sessions for each grade level for follow-up questions or concerns.

We are extremely fortunate to have had Mr. Bob Parrish to provide this training. Mr. Parrish was very informative, approachable, and well prepared using PowerPoint presentation of Excel Math. Mr. Parrish is an extremely competent and engaging presenter and extremely knowledgeable of the needs of math instructors and their students.

Thank you, Mr. Parrish and AnsMar Publishing for enlightening and energizing the staff at Robbinsville Elementary School. I really expect our state math scores to continue to improve using Excel Math and I whole heartedly recommend this math program and Mr. Bob Parrish to all schools seeking excellence in math instruction.”

William Laughter, Principal, Robbinsville Elementary School

Our Unique Spiraling Strategy

Mitchell, NC
“We have used Excel Math as long as I’ve been here. It’s a great program, and we use it in conjunction to our adopted program. We have been a School of Excellence for the past three years and we believe it’s largely due to Excel Math. We love it.”

Dr. Beth Bell, Principal at Gouge Elementary

San Diego, CA
“Our teachers, students and parents love Excel Math. Excel Math has provided an incredible boost to our math test scores and has given the students the confidence to successfully solve math problems. The review format assures that concepts learned are practiced throughout the year. We will keep making Excel Math an essential part of our Math curriculum.”

Mr. Villar, Principal, John Logan Elementary School

Clovis, New Mexico
“I tested this curriculum with our 4th Grade class. The test scores were amazing. I now am using it with all our classes…I love the writing component. Keep doing what you are doing!”

Jay Brady, Principal

Retired Principal, Alaska and Washington
“I was a principal in Alaska and know how good Excel Math is. My entire school’s scores at Juneau doubled as a direct result of your Math program. I have since brought the program to the school I taught at in Washington. It is excellent!”

Kathy Odergaard, former Principal

Craryville, New York
“I heard about your program through a friend in Pennsylvania who got her whole school to use it, and their scores are fabulous. I am the only teacher in my school using Excel Math and I love it. Even the inclusion kids in my class, they like the routine, and they know what to expect. I love the placement tests, the organization of the material, and the Check Answer which is a wonderful self-assessment tool. I can’t wait to see this year’s scores, because I know my class will do great!”

Sue, Second Grade Teacher

Our CheckAnswer system

Brownsboro, Texas
“We absolutely love Excel Math. We tell all the other districts and any superintendent that will listen! We were recognized last year for our performance, and it’s all due to Excel Math. Our scores continually reach the 90’s overall, and last year even the Special Population reached 89.9%...”

Lynnette, 3rd Grade Teacher, Brownsboro Elem.

Warren, VA
“We love Excel Math. We have used it for the past 10 years and it really works.”

Bonnie, 1st/2nd Grade Teacher

Upstate New York
“When I heard you called I just had to call back! I love you guys! I heard about you from a friend who is a home-schooler. I am using you in my class and I love it. It’s not fancy, it’s not full of complicated activities and manipulatives, and it works.”

Pat, 1st Grade Teacher

Vero Beach, Florida
“I am a home-schooling mother of four. Excel Math is the type of program I’ve been looking for. I love the fact that there is a review of previously taught material throughout all the lessons. The workbook we’ve been using has no review and the concepts are taught too fast…. You are exactly what I was looking for and my son enjoys it.”

Mrs. Lorenz, Home schooler

Chandler, Texas
“I love Excel Math. The spiraling is what is so key to the program. Spiraling, coupled with the problem-solving lessons, especially for a 3rd Grade class, are wonderful. The children truly learn the material.”

Paula, 3rd Grade Teacher, Chandler, Texas

Read about our Spiraling Strategy

Riverside, CA
“We have been using Excel for the past four years and are very pleased with the results. It’s a great program.”

Brad, Principal

Kimberly, ID
“Thanks for sending the correlations. Our spring math scores were excellent. We showed gains on the ISAT in 2nd and 4th over last year’s score. Second grade had 90% proficient. 91% of the 3rd graders were proficient….First grade teachers really liked the program.”

Kathleen, Principal

View Common Core Standards (CCS) and State Correlations

Phoenix, AZ
“The teachers are very pleased with the program and with what they are able to learn about their students’ math abilities. We are very encouraged about the benefits of using this program.”

Susan, Principal

Elkhart, TX
“We love your program. We tell everyone we can about it. We even conduct our own presentations in other schools, telling them all about Excel Math. It’s the best curriculum out there”

Denise Ray, Principal

Reno, NV
“We love Excel Math! You guys are totally awesome.”

Monica Tizel, Director of Curriculum

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Charleston, NC
“My daughter, Emily, was a childhood leukemia patient. We turned to home schooling after we discovered that she was very much adversely affected when kids went to school sick, since her immune system was compromised. From first grade through sixth grade, Mr. Bob Parrish sent us every year the Excel Math teacher's manual and the worksheets. She loved math as a child, thanks to Excel Math. Unfortunately, she had to change to another curriculum in 8th grade since Excel Math did not have a middle school curriculum. Overall, she did well in math during her high school years (she had a good foundation with Excel Math). She did well in her other subjects and served her school and community. Therefore, she received the highest award that her school gives: the Rivers Award (named after one of the founders of the school). She has been accepted into the University of North Carolina School of the Arts as a contemporary dance major.

I wanted to thank your company and Mr. Parrish for what you did for us and to let you know that Emily not only passed the 5 year mark after the end of treatment, and therefore, has been declared cured of her cancer, but also that she has thrived not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually. Thank you so much.”

Margarita Hart, Parent

Laredo, Texas
The Clark Elementary School teachers believe in the Excel Math program. We have used the program in grades 1st-5th for eight years. Our math results (90%+ passing in 3rd-5th grades) reflect the power of the Excel Math program.

Sandy Benavides, Principal

United ISD, Salinas Elementary
I am the teacher for all 5th grade students at Salinas Elementary. The first year of the new test for 5th grade my students were in the 88th percentile.

Rachel Hinojosa, 5th grade teacher

Chickasha, Oklahoma
We have used Excel Math for 9 years and have had continued growth every year.

Cathryn Harmon, Principal
Chickasha SD, Grand Avenue Elementary

Hickory, North Carolina
We've been using Excel Math for about 10 years. We were one of the first schools in North Carolina to adopt the program. We are 92% Free/Reduced lunch and 38% ESL students. Our proficiency in reading and math were very, very low about 7 years ago. We're still struggling with reading, but our math scores have gone up, and up, and up.

John R. Black, Principal
Hickory PS, Longview Elementary School

Seminole, Texas
We began using Excel Math in 4th and 5th grades. The prior year those grades scored equal to the state average of 59% in math. The following year, after having one year of Excel Math, they jumped to 70%. The second year they scored 80% and the third and every year since they have been 90% or above.

Doug Harriman, Superintendent
Mark Beaty, Director of Instruction
Roy Winters, Primary Principal
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