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Excel Math has now closed. Thanks for 43 wonderful years!

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The ArithmAttack

How many computer-generated arithmetic problems can you answer in 60 seconds?

1. Choose an operation: 2. Choose numbers from 0 to 12:
Choose high number:

Choose low number:

3. When you're ready, click . To stop, click .

4. Enter the answer and press <Enter>

= seconds remaining
answered correctly
answered incorrectly

A gift to the children and math students of the world from the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory.

Created 1998 by David Baurac
Office of Public Affairs
Argonne National Laboratory


About Excel Math

Excel Math lessons are much more than just worksheets. Using strategically placed spaced repetition, Excel Math gives you a proven approach to teach math concepts for long-term retention, with powerful features and advantages, including our unique Spiraling Strategy:

Call us at 1-866-866-7026 if you have questions. When you call from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday (West Coast time), a helpful person will always answer the phone. Give us a call and see!

The school year

The first few weeks each year review the previous year's concepts. You can evaluate how your class grasps basic math concepts. Students should be confident before tackling new ideas. This powerful feature is built into Excel Math grades.

Most of the school year is devoted to introduction and reinforcement of math concepts, using a sophisticated spiraling approach. We regularly add new math concepts to meet state guidelines. Each week we introduce several new concepts. Students practice familiar concepts and prepare for assessment a week or two later. They have ample time to explore what they have learned — in class and at home; in calculation and word problems.

Excel Math CheckAnswer

Our unique self-assessment enables students to confirm their work. The CheckAnswer process helps students develop confidence and good work strategies. They solve a set of 3-5 problems (A-C), add the answers and see if the sum matches the CheckAnswer (D). If it does, they move on. If not, they go back and re-check their calculation.


Each week

Each class “week” has 6 pages, with 5 lessons, and a test with our Create A Problem page that encourages Critical Thinking and literacy. You may find there is more material each week than you can use, especially if you have field trips or holidays. Use your own judgment to work through the lessons consecutively, or move quickly if your class is comfortable. Although we show the days here labeled as Monday through Friday, no day labels appear on the Lesson Sheets. Take two days on a lesson if your students need more time.

You may choose to do the fifth lesson and test during the Friday class period, and do the Create A Problem on Monday since there is no homework to discuss.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Friday: Weekly
Friday: Quarterly
  • Lesson
  • Basic Fact Practice
  • Guided Practice
  • Homework review
  • Critical Thinking
  • Guided Practice
  • Test on 1 page
  • Create A Problem
  • Lesson
  • Guided Practice
  • Quarterly Test on 1 or 2 pages

Projectable Lessons b

You can enhance your daily classroom experience with an electronic version of the lesson, which can be projected on a wall, screen or interactive learning board. Each Projectable contains PDF files on CD-R discs that can be used with any computer to project multiple slides for each lesson of the day. Projectable lessons may be printed for document cameras and overhead projectors. There is a Projectable for each grade level from Kindergarten to Grade 6. Watch a Projectable lesson in action.


Weekly, Quarterly and End-of-Year Tests are all cumulative. Charts in the Teacher Edition show you where each concept was introduced, should you need to go back for refreshment.

  • 24 Weekly Tests (12 Bi-Weekly Tests for First Grade)
  • 4 Quarterly Tests with bubble-in answers
  • 2 End-of-year Test

End-of-Year tests let you assess students’ grasp of the entire year’s content. We offer a summer school program for those who need special attention or tutoring. The final few weeks of lessons each year summarize what has been learned, and introduce a few new concepts that will appear in the next grade level. The year's main concepts have been introduced by lesson 135 or so.


We supply Activities in a separate section near the back of each Teacher Edition. These 12-15 exercises cover concepts that are not suitable for exploring in the Lesson Sheet format. They are critical to covering all your state requirements, so please don't neglect this section. It can be used on special days, or at the end of the year, if your class finishes early.

Summer SchoolOrder Now

We offer summer school editions for all grade levels. These 6-week products are ideal for InterSession or After-School programs. You can select a lower grade for remediation, or a higher grade to provide challenges for advanced students. Read more.