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Student Lesson Sheets (in three parts)

Excel Math curriculum uses consumable Lesson Sheets to eliminate tedious copying of problems out of a textbook. Lesson Sheets contain problems supporting the daily Lesson, short Basic Fact Practice when appropriate, in-class Guided Practice, and Homework. Provision is made for teachers to read some problems aloud, so students will learn how to set up those problems for themselves — aligning decimal points, writing fractions correctly, etc.

These Lesson Sheets are much more than just math worksheets. Using strategically placed spaced repetition, Excel Math gives you a proven approach to teach math concepts for long-term retention, with powerful features and advantages, including our unique Spiraling Strategy.

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Lesson - on the left


Guided Practice - on the back
with CheckAnswer feedback loop on Grades 2-6 Guided Practice and Homework so students can correct their own errors


Homework - on the right