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Is EXCEL MATH a complete core curriculum or a supplement?

  • Excel Math has the necessary components to teach Kindergarten through Sixth grade math as a comprehensive core curriculum. In some schools it is used as a supplement to other adopted texts or curriculums. The spiraling process (spaced repetition) is critical to mastery of concepts.

How do I use EXCEL MATH as a core curriculum vs. as a supplement?

Does EXCEL MATH align to Common Core and State Standards?

Does EXCEL MATH align to the new TEKS?

Does EXCEL MATH have Placement Tests?

Is EXCEL MATH ever revised or enhanced?

  • Excel Math is reprinted several times each year. Minor corrections or changes are made quickly, so our inventory is kept up-to-date.
  • As we make major enhancements to the Student Lesson Sheets, the Teacher Editions, or other products, the enhancements are incorporated into the curriculum for the next school year.
  • We listen carefully to requests from our customers using Excel Math, and incorporate changes into the curriculum when possible. This results in continual enhancement and improvement that is not found in a traditional textbook format.

How much does EXCEL MATH cost?

  • When ordering a Classroom Set the curriculum costs $12.00 per student, per year. Teacher Editions cost $36, and Individual Student Sets are $23. See Products for more information.

Can EXCEL MATH be copied?

  • No. Excel Math is copyrighted curriculum. Student Lesson Sheets may not be duplicated. (They are not black-line masters.) Specific pages in the Teachers Edition are designed to be copied, and they are labeled accordingly. It is illegal for teachers, schools or districts to copy any other portion of the curriculum without the express written consent of AnsMar Publishers, Inc.

Why are there small letters and numbers in the corner of most sets of EXCEL MATH problems on the Lesson Sheets for Grades 2 and above?

  • These are part of Excel Math's unique CheckAnswer system that lets students check (and correct) their own work. Beginning in second grade, the student solves the set of problems, adds the answers, and compares that sum with the CheckAnswer number in the corner (labeled with a letter). If the sum and the CheckAnswer do not match, the student goes back and checks his work. Most of the time the student will be able to find the mistake and correct it himself. Read more...

How do I order?

How long will my order take to arrive?

  • We process and ship most orders within 48 hours. Large orders are delivered by a trucking company on a pallet, so shipping time varies throughout the US. Orders are shipped from California. For more information contact us.

Do you offer Professional Development?

  • Yes. Affordable Professional Development is available for a small fee (to cover travel expenses from Southern California). These professional development sessions are intended for administrators and teachers who want to learn more about using Excel Math and discover best practices for implementing Excel Math lessons in the classroom. 
  • We offer two different Professional Development seminars: one for users new to Excel Math (Initial P.D.) and the other (Next Step P.D.) for schools that have used Excel Math for a period of time. Please contact Bob Parrish by sending an email to or calling 1-866-866-7026 for more information. We also offer a separate Texas Professional Development.


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