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CheckAnswers are used in Grades 2 - 6. This system allows students to verify their own work. The process involves adding together the answers of a set of 3-5 problems, and comparing the result with the CheckAnswer. The CheckAnswer is located in a box above each set of problems. Students should show their addition for the CheckAnswer.


Finding the CHECKANSWER above:

  • Take the sum of the addition problem in column (A), the answer from the subtraction problem in column (B), and the product of the multiplication problem in column (C).
  • Add these numbers (answers A-C) together.
  • The sum, CheckAnswer (D), should equal the number in the box. If not, students go back and check each of the four problems.


  • Watch for students who copy the answer to match the CheckAnswer and don't do the computation. The lesson sheets provide space for the students to show their work.
  • Addition is always used to find the CheckAnswer in order to keep the checking process simple.
  • Ask parents to help students with CheckAnswers. We want to encourage family participation and assistance with homework.

Print the reproducible Excel Math parent letter in English or Spanish to send home with each student, asking parents to commit to working with and helping their student with math homework.

Homework is provided in Excel Math from Grades 1 through 6. Students practice concepts from past lesssons, then verify their work with the CheckAnswer. We believe parental or family involvement in homework is very important.