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Classroom Suggestions Order Now

Class Pace

  • Groups can progress at different paces, or you can individualize and have everyone at their own level. It may be best to have the entire class on the same lesson.
  • If you have either a student very far behind or a very advanced student, you can order an Individual Student Set for any grade level you need.
  • If the class is having trouble with a concept, take an extra day to work on it before moving on. It is better for the class to get two-thirds of the way through the lessons, than to push and frustrate them.
  • Consider using our Projectable Lessons on the white board or screen. This helps students to focus on the lesson and to see how the solutions are determined.

Combination Classes

  • Have one grade level work on another subject while you go through the second group's math lesson using the resources in your Teacher Edition while the students focus on the Lesson section of their Lesson Sheets:
  • Classroom Lesson

  • After both lessons have been taught, the students can all work on Guided Practice (raising their hands when they need assistance) while you help those needing individual attention:
  • Guided Practice

  • Another method is to teach both lessons to both levels.

New Students

  • When the class is on the Guided Practice, have the new student only do the problems with which they are familiar.
  • Over the first few weeks, teach them the concepts that are new to them individually. If they are of average ability or better, they will catch up to the class.
  • If a new student is too far behind, that child may have to go back to the beginning of the year and work through every lesson.

Advanced Students

  • If students finish their work ahead of the others, they can put extra effort into subject areas where they are not as strong, or use the time for enrichment activities or math games.

Checking Papers

  • Mark answers correct as you see them while students work on their Lesson Sheets during Guided Practice.
  • Make a transparency of the answer key and correct students' papers using an overhead projector so the entire class can watch.